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The Corps is staffed by officers of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) and several dedicated Civilian Instructors. The Commanding Officer leads this group of specially trained men and women as they perform the administrative, support and training tasks needed to help the cadets successfully complete all of the year's training objectives and activities.



The Training department is responsible for delivering the entire training program each year, including all of the mandatory, support and optional training for all cadet levels. The Training Officer coordinates instructors, including officers, civilian instructors and senior cadets, as they teach everything from basic drill, range safety and uniform care. This is the group that arranges field training exercises and makes sure the maximum number of cadets get to go on expeditions each year. They also arrange all of the special training events like sports activities.



The Operations department is instrumental in the smooth running of the Corps. Co-ordinating available dates for activities through the year and facilitating communications between the Corps and the parents (and Cadets). Works closely with the CO, PSC Chair and Officers delivering the program.



The Administration department is responsible for all of the paperwork relating to cadet records including enrolment, attendance, promotions, summer camps, awards, etc. They also handle all of the correspondence and critical files maintained by the Corps. If you have moved, be sure to let the Administration Officer know your new address, phone number and e-mail address so we can contact you! Each September when regular training parades begin, you will be asked to check and update your contact information and medical information if anything has changed.



The Supply department is where you go for all of your uniform needs. Throughout your cadet career, you will be in and out of Supply every time you outgrow your boots, wear out your socks or when you find your pants or tunic sleeves are just way too short. If you damage or lose any part of your uniform, this is where you go to immediately report the problem and request replacement of the pieces you need. The Supply Officer also makes sure there are plenty of rank insignia (badges) on hand whenever promotions take place!


Unit Cadet Conflict Management Advisor:

All Corps personnel may seek the confidential advice and guidance of the UCCMA directly, without going through the chain of command, for all matters respecting sexual abuse, harassment or human rights issues.



These are very important staff who are directly responsible for the delivery of their assignments with regard to training activities. They schedule and manage their various assignment locations, participation and logistics.



These individuals are there to support and assist the Instructors in the delivery of their assignments.

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