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We are very proud to be directly affiliated and supported by the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. We look forward to Parading with the Regiment as often as possible at commerative events and especially enjoy any field activities we are invited to participate in.




Seaforth Highlanders of Canada

The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada are Vancouver’s infantry regiment, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  First established on November 24, 1910 by a group of members in the local Vancouver Scottish community, these individuals sought to raise a local Canadian Highland Regiment in association with The Seaforth Highlanders of the Imperial Service.


As a reserve force in the Canadian Forces, The Seaforth Highlanders have served in times of war, humanitarian and disaster relief and in peacemaking efforts abroad, and during times of civil emergency at home.  The Regiment is comprised of volunteer soldiers who offer their time, their commitment to serve, their skills and their ever-lasting dedication to achieving the Canadian freedoms we enjoy today.


The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada have served as volunteer soldiers, supporting Canada in civil defense, in every major Canadian Forces mission overseas, including both WWI and WW2.  When these veterans returned to Vancouver after WWI, they brought with them 18 battle honors in recognition of their strength and courage.  In WW2, despite suffering the highest officer casualty rate of any Canadian unit at that time, the Seaforths had collected 25 more battle honors, for a grand total of 42.


There is a tremendous amount of history available on their website listed below.


As an affiliated Cadet Corps, we are proud to wear traditional regimental accoutrements on our uniforms.


Address: 1650 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC



Tel: (604) 666-4379

39 Combat Engineer Regiment

We have also been extremely fortunate to receive invitations to Field Training Activities by 39 CER. Cadets attend just as observers but it is always exciting and the Cadets learn a tremendous amount about the work of the military and the various support roles each Regiment provides.



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